Thermaltake Core W100 Tower Computer Case (CA-1F2-00F1WN-00)

Thermaltake Technology, a Taipei-based computer hardware manufacturer, is a well-known brand in the computer hardware industry with a unique market. Through a strong focus on producing PC cases, power supplies, and cooling solutions, Thermaltake has demonstrated that strategic specialization can lead to the production of high quality and powerful computer parts. Careful design and innovation have allowed Thermaltake to produce the Thermaltake Core W100 Super Tower, a high-end computer case in Thermaltake’s Core W Series. With a straightforward and well-rounded design, the Core W100 Super Tower is a versatile case allowing for endless customization and creativity.

The dismantlable modular design (DMD) is perhaps one of the most notable and unique features of this case. While most computer cases come with the bulk of the chassis pre-built from the box, the W100 Super Tower does not. With an emphasis on self-assembly and a “ground up build it yourself design”, the W100 allows computer enthusiasts take control of the build from the very start. This unique concept is ideal for DIY hobbyists who enjoy taking the construction into their own hands. Through a special locking mechanism integrated into the components of the case, the assembly of the W100 is virtually tool free, and its dismantlable nature allows for quick and efficient storage should the case ever be disassembled.



The massive case houses a staggering twenty HDD cages with room for expansion to up to 10 additional slots. With unprecedented space and storage, these cages are also freely interchangeable for added modularity. This feature allows the W100 to serve as an efficient workstation capable of holding data or connecting features between multiple computers together. However, even with a great balance between function and form, it is important not to forget the ultimate purpose behind its design. As a case meant for housing high-end gaming systems, the W100 has more than enough room to accommodate full-length AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards as well as high-wattage power supplies. A separated midsection also ensures that cable management can be accomplished with relative ease to give a clean and pleasing look!

One of the advantages of buying brand name products that often go underappreciated involve the adaptability of technology between different product departments. As a producer of various cooling devices, Thermaltake knows that cooling and temperature control are very important factors when engineering a large and cross-functional case like the W100. With the capability to house more than 20 drives, adequate ventilation and cooling is a must. To this end, the W100 does not disappoint. In the spirit of the dynamic and modular design, the W100 supports any type of cooling including liquid and air cooling units. Fans are mountable anywhere inside with support for well over 15 fans throughout the case.

In keeping with the customizable nature of the Core W Series, the W100 can not only be modified on the inside but expanded externally as well. The Core P100 is a pedestal type computer case that complements the W100 Super Tower by being able to stack on top or below the case. Since the design behind the W100 incorporates a dismantlable modular design, the P100 can add room to include external upgrades such as space for larger and more intricate liquid cooling systems or space for accommodating other drives.

All in all, the Thermaltake Core W100 Super Tower is a versatile unit with dual functionality as a high-end gaming case and an efficient computer workstation. Innovative features including the dismantlable design, ventilation support and external expansion give the W100 a definite edge over other Super Tower type cases on the market. With outstanding support and a Tt LCS Certification, the W100 is an incredible chassis design in line with Thermaltake’s core values of “Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations, and Boundless Creativity”.

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