Vuugo Reward Points Program

The Vuugo Reward Points Program is designed to reward our customers for their continued participation and support!

For every $100 spent with us, you earn 100 points.

But wait, there’s other ways to earn points as well!

By participating in our marketing activities and community, you can earn more reward points! 

Take a look:


How to get Vuugo Reward Points:

1 Point

For every one dollar spent

30 Points

Write a unique product review & accepted by Vuugo.

200 Points

Sign up with Vuugo + Accepting our newsletters.

200 Points

Be a guest blogger, submit a unique and relevant technology article of around 500 words and accepted by Vuugo.

100 Points

Refer a friend to sign up at Vuugo and accept our newsletters.




Vuugo Reward Points terms and conditions.

1.      A minimum purchase of $50 merchandize at Vuugo.

2.      A minimum of 2,000 required points to redeem.

3.      Maximum points of 20,000 that can be redeemed per transaction.

4.      Vuugo reward points are non-transferable and have no cash value. Points cannot be cashed.

5.      As Vuugo offers 30 days product return policy, you may only apply your points for product redemption 30 days after rewarded. 

6.      Reward points awarded are about 1% of a merchandise value before tax and other related charges.  It will be assigned within 3 weeks of a completed transaction.  If a product is returned for whatever reasons, assigned reward points will be reverted without a time limit.

7.      Vuugo Reward points will not expire.

8.      Vuugo reserves the rights to adjust reward points which contain typographical errors.  In the case your credit card has already been charged or a payment has been processed, Vuugo will refund the amount back to the original method of payment immediately.




Q:        I purchased a product from Vuugo in mid 2012, am I eligible for the reward program?

A:         No, Vuugo Reward Points Program is introduced in 2013.  Purchases from January 1st, 2013 will be eligible for the program.


Q:        Can I exchange my Reward Points for money? Or give them to someone?

A:         No, Rewards Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred to another person.


Q:        When do I receive my Reward Points?

A:         Your Reward Points will be updated within 3 weeks after invoice date.


Q:        How many Points do I need in order to redeem credits for my purchase?

A:         It is mentioned in respective product page just next to the price. There is a minimum of 2,000 points required for redemption.


Q:        Are Reward Points restricted to merchandise only?  Can they be redeemed towards shipping?

A:         Vuugo Reward Points system is only valid for merchandises. It cannot be applied to anything else such as shipping.


Q.        What happens if I returned a product that purchased with Reward Points?

A:         Proper redeemed reward points will be credited into your account as if a normal transaction.


Q.        How come my reviews/blogs articles are not posted automatically? And I didn’t get my reward points.

A:         All submissions are subject to review and will only be posted upon acceptance.  Please take the following into consideration when posting;

  1. Reviews and blog articles containing unwanted links, self promotion, and/or copies from other forum postings will be rejected.
  2. Reviews must be meaningful and not offensive.  Actions such as defamation and self-promotion will not be rejected. 
  3. It is up to Vuugo’s discretions in accepting a review or blog article. The basic principal elements of an acceptable article are uniqueness, relevancy and understandability.