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Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Vuugo Affiliate Program: Terms and Conditions


As a valued participant in the Vuugo Affiliate Program, it's crucial to understand the terms and conditions governing your affiliation with Vuugo. Our program is designed to allow affiliates to promote and advertise Vuugo's products on their websites, establishing links for users to make purchases on the Vuugo website.


1. Joining the Affiliate Program: To become an affiliate, submit a completed application form, indicating your acceptance of the terms outlined below. We reserve the right to evaluate and accept or reject your application at our discretion. Affiliates must provide accurate registration information, with the understanding that Vuugo may verify its accuracy at any time. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and you acknowledge that these terms do not constitute legal advice.


2. Commission: Upon approval, you'll receive a unique tracking code for commission tracking. Vuugo will pay a monthly sales commission for qualifying purchases excluding shipping, insurance and tax, with earnings accruing until the minimum threshold of $20 CAD is reached. Commissions will not apply to cancelled or returned orders within 30 days, with deducted commissions reflected in future earnings.


3. Policies and Pricing: Customers purchasing through the Program are considered Vuugo's customers, with Vuugo owning any data obtained in connection with user transactions. Affiliates must adhere to Vuugo's policies and pricing.


4. Order Processing: Vuugo will handle order processing and fulfillment for products purchased through your affiliate links. Vuugo reserves the right to reject orders not meeting reasonable requirements.


5. Relationship of Parties: Affiliates are independent contractors, with no partnership, agency, or employment relationship with Vuugo. Affiliates have no authority to make representations on Vuugo's behalf.


6. Modification: Vuugo may modify terms, conditions, and commission rates at its discretion without prior notice.


7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Disputes related to the program fall under Ontario, Canada laws, and legal actions will be brought before the competent court in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


8. Term and Termination: Affiliation continues from acceptance until termination by either party, with liabilities for any breaches or accrued obligations remaining in force after termination.