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Terms & Conditions


What are Vuugo.com's Online Sales Terms and Conditions?

We, at Vuugo.com, reserve the right to review and accept, or reject any orders that we receive. Please note that all the prices listed here are likely to change without notice. As such we might be forced to reject your order or communicate the new price to you. Also, note that there could be availability issues with certain products.


Are There Any Order Or Shipping Restrictions?

At this time, Vuugo.com is unable to accept orders or ship to customers residing or billing addresses outside of Canada.  Vuugo.com reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any orders that may come from customers residing or shipping to locations outside of Canada.

For restrictions on our domestic shipping policy, please click here


Copyright / Trademark Information

Vuugo.com and Vuugo is a trademark that has been registered by Vuugo Inc. We also have copyright protection for all the content presented in this website including copy, images, logos, indicia, text, content, and unique method of showcasing products. We have acknowledged all the trademarks that appear in this website. You need to obtain permission to use documents delivered from this World Wide Website and/or server and related graphics. No one else can use the Vuugo Inc., name, or the trademarks and logos mentioned above in advertising or publicity for distribution of this information without obtaining specific written permission first from us. We retain the right to change information contained in this website without prior notice. We cannot be held liable to any typographical, technical, or descriptive errors of products presented here.


Order Acceptance Policy

Please note that any electronic or form of order receipt confirmation is not the same as our acceptance of your order or our confirmation. We, at Vuugo.com, reserve the right to either accept or deny your order at any time and for any reason. Please note that we also reserve the right to supply and ship less the quantity you ordered. To minimize our exposure to fraud, we require that all orders worth over $500 (CAD) to be verified and ship to the confirmed billing address only.  We reserve the right to ask for more verification details or information before accepting your order.


Typographical Errors

Vuugo.com reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders which contain typographical errors. Please note that in such cases we reserve the right to cancel orders even after we have accepted and processed the order. In the case your credit card has already been charged or a payment has been processed, Vuugo.com will refund the amount back to the original method of payment immediately.


Regarding Bundles

Bundled offers exist only as long as supplies last. Also, to make up bundles we reserve the right to substitute items of similar or lesser value.


Rebate Coupons

Only one rebate coupon may be redeemed per address unless otherwise specified.


Limitation of Liability

Under no conditions can Vuugo.com or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates be held responsible for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages that includes but is not limited to loss of use, loss of data, loss of business or profits.


Processing Time

Our order processing department conducts a full review of your order to ensure that your order is correct, the payment method is valid, and that you are authorized to use this payment method. You will be notified by both emails and SMS messages (if you opt in) about status of your order.  Only after your order has been verified and confirmed does it reach our warehouse. While we do not charge your credit card until we are ready to ship your order, please note that there is a pre-authorized hold on your card for the amount due. This pre-authorization is not a charge. However, it uses up a portion of your card limit. In case your order is either delayed or cancelled, the authorization will expire and your funds will be released. The time taken for an authorization to expire varies from 1 to 7 days, and is dependent on the policies of your issuing bank.

All the prices listed on the site are in Canadian dollars.

Please note that there are no extra duties or charges such as brokerage fees.

If the item/items ordered is/are out of stock, the shipment will be delayed until Vuugo.com has received and processed the backordered. There is/are no price guarantee on back ordered item/items. 


Credit Card Authorizations

Please note that any pre-authorized hold on a credit card is not a charge. Only when your order has been shipped will your credit card be charged for the amount purchased.


Risk of Loss

Upon checking out your shopping cart at Vuugo.com, all orders will be automatically opted-in for shipping insurance (optional) to potentially cover the loss/damage/stolen/non-delivery of goods during transit. It will be up to the customer’s discretion to cover their shipment under our provided shipping insurance upon check out.  If the customer decides to opt-out of the shipping insurance, the customer must acknowledge that Vuugo.com will not be held responsible for covering losses/damages/stolen/non-delivery in transit exceeding $100. If goods are loss/damage/stolen/non-deliver in transit, Vuugo.com will act on behalf of the customer to file a claim to the courier of up to $100 for reimbursement. The customer will be held responsible for covering any damages/losses above $100 if they have opted out of Vuugo’s shipping insurance policy.

In the case that the customer provides us with their own courier account number or chooses to go with an alternative courier company, it will be the customer’s responsibility to cover any losses/damages/stolen/non-delivery during shipment. The title to software will remain with the applicable licensor(s) and the customer's rights are contained in the license agreement between such licensor(s) and the customer. Vuugo.com retains a security interest in the products until full payment is received. The customer will be responsible for all shipping and related charges


Dispute Resolution


Please note that by placing an order with Vuugo.com, both you and Vuugo.com agree to resolve any controversy, dispute, or claim arising out of or relating to your purchase of any products or services from Vuugo.com by binding Arbitration administered by the Canadian Arbitration Association, or in a small claims court, and judgment on the arbitration award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) may be entered in a court having competent jurisdiction. This agreement to arbitrate is intended to be broadly interpreted and covers all controversies, disputes, claims arising out or relating to your purchase including, but not limited to contract claims, tort claims and statutory claims, or any combination of claims. We agree that the arbitration or small claim proceeding will take place in York Region, Ontario.

Please note that this Arbitration Agreement affects your legal rights. Arbitration is resolved by a neutral party and not a judge or jury. There is less discovery and less exchange of information between the parties to an arbitration than might occur in a court proceeding. An arbitration award is final and binding and will only be overturned or reversed by a court in very limited circumstances. You agree that, by entering into this Agreement, you and Vuugo.com are each waiving the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action.

Please note that we reserve the right to modify or append our policies at any given time without prior notice.