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Privacy Policy


Our Pledge to Privacy:

Ensuring the security of your personal information is a top priority at Vuugo.com. As you engage in online shopping with us, our commitment is to provide a safe and secure customer experience. In pursuit of this objective, we have formulated a privacy policy that outlines our procedures regarding the collection, utilization, and disclosure of your personal information. This policy is applicable to our websites and all other platforms through which Vuugo.com gathers and employs your personal information.

What Information is gathered by Vuugo.com?

At Vuugo.com, we categorize our collected information into two types: personal information and non-personal information. The specific details gathered depend on your interaction with us.


Personal Information:

Defined as data that can identify an individual or provide information about an identifiable person, personal information may include:

·         Contact information: Name, postal address, telephone number, and email address.

·         Personal preferences: Such as product wish lists, language preferences, and marketing consent.

·         Transaction information: Details like products purchased, payment method, and amounts paid. It's important to note that we do not retain any credit card information in our database, whether on or offsite.


Non-personal Information:

This category encompasses data that does not identify you as an individual, including:

·         Non-personal data collected during website visits, such as the type of browser used or the referring URL.

·         Aggregated customer information presented in a non-personal format for statistical and research purposes. For instance, we might analyze data to determine the demographic distribution of contest entrants.

In this Privacy Policy, the term "websites" refers to www.vuugo.comwww.vuugo.ca, and other sites provided by Vuugo.com.  Users have the option to withhold personal information, but choosing to do so may impact our ability to provide the requested product, service, or information.

How Your Personal Information is Utilized:


Vuugo.com employs your personal information for various business purposes, including but not limited to:


·         Fulfilling specific requests for products, services, or information.

·         Providing customer support to address your questions or concerns.

·         Conducting surveys to enhance our services.

·         Assessing and improving the effectiveness of our websites and marketing initiatives.

·         Detecting and safeguarding against fraud and errors.

·         Tracking and analyzing your purchases and preferences to better comprehend customer needs and eligibility.

·         Tailoring online content and offerings based on customer preferences.

·         Utilizing information for quality assurance and training purposes.

·         Offering and promoting additional products and services.

·         Other purposes as outlined in this privacy policy.


User Consent

Vuugo.com respects your privacy and is committed to obtaining your explicit consent before collecting, using, or disclosing your personal information, except where required or permitted by law. By willingly providing us with your personal information, you agree to its utilization as outlined in this privacy policy, and any additional purposes disclosed at the time of collection.


Expressed Consent

We seek your expressed consent through actions such as checking a box for marketing communications or providing your signature on an application form, indicating acceptance of use and disclosure terms.


Implied Consent

In certain situations, we may infer your consent based on actions you take or decide not to take when the purpose for using your personal information would be reasonably apparent.


Withdrawing Your Consent

You can inform us at any time if you wish to withdraw or modify your consent to our information use and disclosure. We will comply with your request, considering legal and contractual restrictions.  If you've subscribed to newsletters, we offer an 'opt-out' option with every communication.


Information Collected Directly from You

We collect personal information directly from you in various ways, including:


Returns and Exchanges

Refer to our Return Policy for details on ensuring satisfaction with your purchase.


Purchase Follow-Up and Surveys

We may contact you post-purchase to ensure satisfaction and conduct surveys, all voluntary.


Our Websites

To engage in certain features, your personal information may be required, used for account creation, order communication, support, and monitoring website functions.


Customer Reviews

Exercise caution when posting personal information on our website's customer reviews.


Opting-in for Newsletters or Updates

Enrolling in newsletters requires contact information; you can unsubscribe at any time.


Participating in a Contest or Promotion

Contests may request contact information and optional survey data for research purposes.


Email a Friend

Using this feature acknowledges your responsibility for corresponding with your friend directly.


Call Centers

Personal information may be requested for customer support and verification purposes.

Information Collected Automatically


Our Websites

We collect IP addresses and website usage information for administration and improvement.



Our site uses cookies for personalized content and improved browsing; you can decline them if your browser allows.


Site Tracking Information

Web beacons compile anonymous tracking reports for research, with no individual identification.


Links to Other Websites

We are not responsible for the privacy policies of linked websites.


Supplementing Information

Occasionally, we supplement your provided information for accuracy and better service.


Does Vuugo.com Share Your Information?

Vuugo.com does not sell or rent customer information. However, we may share it within our corporate family and with third parties for business operations, as permitted by law.


Service Providers

We use third parties for various operations and ensure they adhere to our privacy policy.

Information shared within Vuugo.com and its corporate entities

Sharing may occur for internal business purposes, maintaining adherence to our privacy policy and user choices.


Product Safety Recalls

Contact information may be shared in the event of product safety recalls.


Sale or Transfer of all or part of Vuugo.com

Information may be transferred in the event of a business sale, with efforts to ensure consistent use.


Legal Disclosure

Information may be disclosed as permitted or required by law.


How does Vuugo.com Protect Your Information?

We employ safeguards, security standards, SSL technology, and secure passwords to protect your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse.


SSL Technology

Encryption technology protects your personal information during data transport.


Choosing a Password

Users are responsible for creating secure passwords.


How Can You Verify Your Information?

You can access and modify your online account profile and request a review of retained information by contacting us.


Contacting Vuugo.com

Our Privacy Manager oversees compliance and addresses privacy concerns.


Important Reminder about Email Communications

Emails over the public Internet are not secure, and sensitive information should not be sent via unencrypted email.


Will this Privacy Policy Change?

To accommodate service changes, technology updates, and legal developments, this Privacy Policy may change over time. We encourage periodic review, and each use of our services binds you to the current terms. The policy update date reflects changes made.