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Shipping & Delivery Policy

Zone rate shipping (starting from $8.99) & its restrictions

Vuugo is pleased to offer zone rate shipping options, starting from $8.99, specifically tailored for major cities in selected provinces. The competitive zone rates are outlined below:

Zone (Province)








British Columbia




Nova Scotia




New Brunswick






North West Territories







Please note that if a customer's shipping address is not situated in the major cities of the respective provinces or the parcel exceeds the defined dimensions and weight, the "Zone Rate Option" will not be displayed during the checkout process.  However, customers will still enjoy competitive and discounted ground or expedited shipping rates.


Our zone rate is based on the general (3-6 days) ground rate of our selected courier, applicable to parcels within the dimensions of 10” x 10” x 12” (W x H x L) and a gross weight not exceeding 10 lbs (4.5 kg).  It's important to mention that combined shipments of multiple products or products like computer cases, keyboards, LCD LED monitors, and speaker systems often constitute oversized parcels, surpassing the specified dimensions and weight.  In such cases, zone rate shipping may not be applicable.


Vuugo reserves the right to adjust our zone rates periodically, without prior notice, based on market conditions. We encourage customers to check the shipping options available during the checkout process for the most up-to-date information.


Order and Shipping Restrictions


Vuugo provides multiple payment options, accepting Visa and Master Credit cards (excluding American Express), as well as debit cards. Customers can also make payments through Paypal and Interac e-Transfer.


Vuugo exclusively accepts orders and provides shipping services to customers located within Canada. Moreover, credit cards issued by non-Canadian financial institutions are not accepted. Vuugo retains the right to refuse or cancel any orders from customers residing or shipping to locations outside of Canada. 


Vuugo is unable to deliver certain products, like high value or oversize, to Post Office Boxes (P.O. Box) and FlexDelivery addresses, as these locations necessitate acknowledgment of receipt. We appreciate your understanding and encourage customers to furnish alternative addresses for shipping, ensuring a secure acknowledgment of delivered items.

For accurate and secure delivery, Vuugo may contact customers to verify their shipping address, ensuring precision and reliability. In cases of discrepancies, the confirmed address will be used for dispatch via a courier chosen by Vuugo. This process enhances the integrity of the shipping experience.


Check Before You Accept


Prior to accepting the delivery, we strongly advise you to examine the package for any visible damage or signs of tampering. In cases of noticeable damage, particularly with larger screen size monitors such as 27" and above, you reserve the right to refuse delivery to mitigate the risk of potential drop damage. Vuugo employs high-quality anti-theft and anti-tampering tapes for added security.


Ensure that the contents align with the items listed on your order confirmation and/or packing slip. If you identify any discrepancies, damage, or concerns during the delivery, it is crucial to document them using photographs or notes. You retain the right to refuse the delivery if significant issues are observed. Promptly report any delivery-related matters to our customer support team, providing detailed information and supporting documentation for a swift resolution.

It's important to note that any purchased shipping insurance coverage, if applicable, becomes void once the delivery is accepted. Therefore, we recommend thorough verification before acceptance to safeguard your interests.


Shipping Insurance

When products are dispatched to you through a common carrier, Vuugo's responsibility for breakage, non-delivery, and theft will be capped at $100 per shipment, aligning with the common carriers' established limit and liability. We strongly advise you to consider obtaining additional shipping insurance to safeguard your shipment during transit. You have the option to purchase shipping insurance for your parcel when finalizing your order on Vuugo. For more information, please consult the Risk of Loss/Shipping Insurance section.


Please be aware that accepting the delivery voids the shipping insurance. It is crucial for you to inspect your delivery for any visible tampering or damage to the packing box. You can mitigate your risk by declining to accept the delivery if such issues are identified. 

It is important to note that manufacturing defects, such as breakages during assembly and/or missing accessories, are not covered by shipping insurance.


Shipping Companies

Our shipping partners include FedEx, UPS, Purolator, Canpar, and Canada Post. The availability of these carriers is contingent upon the destination of the shipped products. Customers have the option to designate their preferred shipping company by providing their account number with the chosen courier.  Once the shipment is collected from our depot, Vuugo assumes no responsibility for it.

Delivery Timeline


Typically, most orders are delivered within 1-5 business days after receiving our delivery notification. Our products originate from Markham, Ontario, and the actual delivery time depends on the destination.

You can easily monitor the shipping progress using the provided tracking number. Please note that the delivery time is calculated in terms of business days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Canadian statutory holidays.


What is the Typical Processing Time for an Order?


Upon placing an order with Vuugo, you will promptly receive an acknowledgment. The processing of your order will commence, generally taking 1-5 days, with a typical duration of less than 1 day. We utilize email and SMS messages for communication with customers, especially for verification purposes. The speed of processing depends on your prompt response to any identified issues such as payment verification, address verification, product availability, and alternatives. For more information, please consult the Order Processing Time section.

Why is Address Verification Necessary?


For security reasons, orders shipping to an address different from the credit card or PayPal billing address will undergo an additional verification process. This may result in a delay in the shipment of your order. To prevent delays, we recommend contacting your credit card company or PayPal to include the alternative address in your account file. Failure to add the alternate address to your credit card account means we cannot verify it, and your order will be held until verification is complete. We retain the right to refuse shipment to any third-party, and the package must be shipped to the name as it appears on the registered credit card.


It's important to note that orders exceeding $300 must be shipped to the verified billing address. Please ensure that all billing information is accurate and matches the details on your registered credit card. If you have any questions or specific requests, feel free to reach out to one of our Customer Support Representatives. Please be aware that orders failing our verification process may be canceled at our discretion.


Can I Consolidate Two Separate Orders for Shipping Cost Savings?

As we utilize an automated order processing system, it may not immediately recognize multiple orders under the same buyer. While we can facilitate arrangements for consolidation, customers must promptly contact us. Once an order has been scanned and processed, we are unable to cancel or consolidate it.

What is a backorder?


A backorder occurs when a customer places an order for an item that is currently sold out or out of stock. In such cases, it may take some time for the product to be restocked in our warehouse. Customers are required to notify Vuugo.com regarding their preference to either proceed with the order using suggested alternatives, wait for restocking, or cancel the order. If customers choose to proceed, their order will be processed by one of our customer service representatives.


It is important to note that if an order experiences a delay exceeding 30 days, which is the credit card or Paypal pre-authorization hold time, the order will need to be resubmitted. For any additional inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our customer service representatives.

Can Vuugo ship the in-stock items first and the backordered item later when it becomes available?

Vuugo is typically responsible for a single delivery per order. However, in exceptional cases, we may consider accommodating customer requests. It's important to be aware that the full payment for the order, including back-ordered items, will be charged upon the first shipment.


What happens if the delivery is returned to Vuugo?


If a customer is unavailable during the initial delivery attempt, the shipping courier will typically make a second attempt the next day, leaving a notice if unsuccessful. Should the second attempt fail, customers must pick up their order from the courier's local depot within about two weeks. It is strongly recommended to use the provided tracking number to monitor the delivery to prevent issues.


Failure to pick up the package will result in it being returned to Vuugo. Customers wanting re-delivery will incur separate shipping fees.  Refund requests for failed deliveries will have deductions for shipping fees, applicable insurance, and taxes.


Does Vuugo Pay the Return Shipping Cost?


If a customer wants to return an item for whatever reasons after delivery, customers is responsible to pay for the return shipping.  Any adjustments or changes, like damages or missing accessories, will be applied after we received and inspect the returns.  For further details please refer to our Return & Exchange Policy or contact our customer support.


Does Vuugo offer cross-shipping for replacement merchandise?

Cross-shipping is not provided or considered. Vuugo will dispatch the replacement item after receiving and inspecting the returned/RMA item. Once the replacement is shipped, you will be notified with a shipping notice and tracking number.